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Oct 15 2010

Long Overdue Update

I have now been teaching for 8 weeks! AND I’m still alive! It’s a first year teacher miracle. Really. So what have I been up to in room M-5? Let’s update.
I’m approaching the end of my second unit, which is poetry. Poetry with children is fabulous and amazing. They write incredibly entertaining things. In general, 7th graders write hilarious things. I gave them a writing diagnostic a few weeks back to gauge their writing abilities (which is abysmal, by the way) and asked them to tell me about their BEST DAY EVER. For the most part, their BEST DAY EVER consisted of a party of some kind and candy and pizza. It’s fabulous. They also seem to be under the impression that being an adult means living wherever you want with your friends and lots of dogs and…

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Oct 05 2010

Things My Kids Say

I have been a horrible updater and haven’t written a proper update in ages, but I had to record the BEST Shout Out I’ve ever read. Some context: every Friday, my kids write “We Respect Each Other” Shout Outs to their classmates. The format is “To:____, From: ______, Because: _______” and then I post them…

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Sep 07 2010

M-5 Scholars

I’M TEACHING CHILDREN! And my kids are fabulous! My little 7th grade scholars are currently procedures-practicing machines! They are entering, exiting, partnering, passing in papers, checking noise levels, and participating all over the place. On their exit tickets lasta week, many of them referred to themselves as “scholars” (my name for them) and they wrote…

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Aug 20 2010


I started work at my school this past week! Nicholas Orem MS (NOMS) is awesome! Basically we spent this week in staff meetings, meeting with our teams and departments, getting to know the faculty and staff, and working on our classrooms. It’s been a long week with some long days of classroom set-up. This week,…

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Aug 09 2010

Round Zero!

Round Zero kicked off last week, and planning officially starts tomorrow evening. This is just a brief update on what the next couple weeks look like for me… Monday through Thursday morning/afternoon of this week: Prince George’s County new teacher training and orientation stuff. Lots of sessions about teaching in Prince George’s. Also, lots of…

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Aug 04 2010


I officially have a job! Yesterday, I interviewed with the principal of Nicholas Orem Middle School in a town in Maryland, right outside of DC and apparently he liked me because he offered me the job later that day! I will be teaching 7th grade English Language Arts and I am EXCITED about it! The…

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Jul 31 2010

End of Institute

Institute is officially over.  I survived.  And I had a great experience. What?!  I had a great experience?  But isn’t Institute supposed to be the most horrible thing ever?!? Nope.  Don’t get me wrong; it was challenging.  Very challenging.  The whole time.  I was stressed, confused, sometimes frustrated, occasionally bitter, usually tired, often overwhelmed, and…

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Jul 28 2010

Data Wrap Up

Our kids all passed summer school. We only had one girl not pass the final (just a few points away…), but her daily scores were so high that she pulled through (barely). Our class average on the final was an 82%. Our kids started with an average pre-test score of 29%, and their midterm was…

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Jul 25 2010

Why I Love My CMA Group

My CMA group is kind of awesome.  This is a group of 12 people that I spend about 9 hours a day working with at our school sight.  We are as diverse as it comes, in every way imaginable.  Getting to know these people was a somewhat awkward process the first week.  But by the…

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Jul 23 2010

The Things My Kids Say

My kids say lots of hilarious things. Here’s a sample: D: Ms. K, you like to wear pointy shoes? Me: Yes I do. D: Do you kick people with them? Me: No! Why would I do that? D: I bet you walk around kicking people. Me: You know who Taylor Lautner is right? S: Do…

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