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Apr 30 2010

“It’s worth it, I swear!”

Recruitment work is getting progressively more painful.  We’ve been discussing this as a team and we are definitely all experiencing an equal amount of difficulty in meeting our goals.  But I think we’re taking good next steps to overcome these difficulties (TFA interview question anyone?) and we’re maintaining our sense of possibility that we can at least get really close to achieving our team goals (see how I worked in a core value there? Oh yes, drink the TFA Kool-Aid).  We’re a scrappy bunch, so we’ll get it done.

One thing we try to keep in mind is that our aggressive recruiting really is all worth it in the end.  Granted, this can be difficult when it’s 2am on a Thursday night/Friday morning and our database goes down before I’m done entering my work (To whomever invented SLX: I don’t particularly like you) and I’ve resorted to throwing things at my computer in a desperate attempt to somehow magically fix things.  But when our data reports come in, we usually see in good, hard numbers and percentages that the steps we took the week before actually accomplished the things we wanted.  Sometimes the numbers tell us that something didn’t work so we need to re-strategize, but at least we know it so we can make adjustments and we don’t keep making the same mistakes.  That’s why I LOVE our data reports and why my managers starting looping me into more and more data.  It’s a really helpful tool to measure successes, weaknesses, gaps, and strength, and make adjustments as we go.

And speaking of data reports, we got our final numbers for my university for the 2009-2010 recruitment season, and I am very excited and proud to report that 19 people from my school were offered positions in the 2010 corps, and 16 people accepted their offers.  That’s 16 more awesome people in underserved classrooms, working their butts off to lead their students to significant academic gains!  I realize that this doesn’t seem like a lot, especially compared to schools like Harvard who had something like 13% of their senior class apply.  But this is quite a jump from last year for my school, as we only had like 10 accepts in 2009.  And we met our overall goal and most of our individual area goals, which is super awesome for us, so WOOHOOO GO TEAM!  See, it IS worth it in the end.  :)

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