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May 09 2010

CP Intros

I’ve been introduced a lot of different ways when I go to a class to give a class presentation.  Some professors remember why I’m there and say something like “Class, this is Jessica from the Teach For America program.”  Some professors only remember that I’m going to give some sort of announcement, so they say something like “Everyone, we have an announcement.”  One of my favorite intros was the professor who said, “Class, Jessica is here to give an announcement.  I don’t know what she’s going to talk about.  Go ahead Jessica.”

It doesn’t usually make much of a difference to me how a professor introduces me.  As long as I can speak to the class, I’m good to go.  But last week, I had the most ridiculous introduction of the year.  It went something like this:

Me: Hi Professor X.  I’m Jessica with Teach For America.  You were going to let me make an announcement at the beginning of class today.

Prof: Oh hi, yes!  No prob.  Let me get the class’s attention…*to class* Hey Everyone!  We’re going to start off quickly with an announcement.  Jessica is here from Teach For America, aka, your back-up plan when you can’t get a job.  She’s going to tell you about the program, so seniors should pay attention.

Me: *blank smile*

Yeah, sure, a back-up plan.  And thus, the fight for the growth of our organization continues, as well as the more important fight to change this idea/attitude that the teaching profession is a last resort.  We can’t expect to reform education at all if we don’t reform the way people think about teachers.  Let’s get some r-e-s-p-e-c-t people!

p.s.  4 weeks left of class, 5 weeks until graduation, 6 weeks until I fly to D.C.!

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  1. Ooh, ouch. I guess he’s lucky you resisted giving a verbal smackdown. I’m composing them mentally as we speak. ;)

    Realistically though, that is one of the biggest problems teaching faces; It is not percieved a a first choice. People who are attracted to the elementary ed major, for example, are typically people would would not be able to graduate with many other degrees (lower SAT scores, lower outside major GPAs, etc.) Teaching needs people who CAN do something else, but CHOOSE not to.

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