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Jul 23 2010

The Things My Kids Say

My kids say lots of hilarious things. Here’s a sample:

D: Ms. K, you like to wear pointy shoes?
Me: Yes I do.
D: Do you kick people with them?
Me: No! Why would I do that?
D: I bet you walk around kicking people.

Me: You know who Taylor Lautner is right?
S: Do I KNOW who Taylor Lautner is? Do I KNOW! Um, that’s JACOB! Jacob with the hot body!
Me: So you’re Team Jacob?
S: I’m both teams! I’m Team Edward AND Jacob! I can’t choose! More to love!

(To my co-teacher)
V: “I like that skirt.”
E: “Yeah I like it too. She look cute today.”

J: Hey Miss, he called you “mom.”
D: No I didn’t. It was an accident. I don’t really call her that!

D: Ms. K! I don’t like him anymore!
Me: Why?
D: Because he said I look like Michael Jackson!
Me: But isn’t that a compliment?
K: Yeah, it was a compliment.
Me: Yeah, everyone likes Michael Jackson!
J: Pshhh no we don’t!

V: Miss, this is a sad song. Why would you pick a sad song? I don’t like the sad songs.

V: (calls me over during the midterm) Um Miss, you need to change this song.
Me: Why?
V: Because I don’t like it. You just need to change it. Just trust me, you need to change it.

Fun class antics also include D singing “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” S jammin’ to the music in her head during every independent practice, V sticking tape all over herself as she prepares to help me hang up posters, the girls literally sprinting to be the first to class every morning, J being incredibly embarrassed when I yell GOOD MORNING down the hallway everyday, K asking why school buses have no seat belts (“That just doesn’t make sense!!!!”), and D bustin’ some moves which include spinning in circles on the floor.

Have I mentioned I love my kids?

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