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Jul 25 2010

Why I Love My CMA Group

My CMA group is kind of awesome.  This is a group of 12 people that I spend about 9 hours a day working with at our school sight.  We are as diverse as it comes, in every way imaginable.  Getting to know these people was a somewhat awkward process the first week.  But by the end of week 2, our first week of teaching, we were definitely a group.  A solid group of ridiculously supportive, caring, genius people.  Every one of my group members is an inspiration in some way or another.  And they’re hilarious.  It definitely makes the day go by faster when we’re sitting in sessions together, discussing the virtuous qualities of Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice or laughing at our CMA as he makes awkward faces to our SD in the back of the room.  We share everything and inside jokes run rampant through our room.  As do the chains of emails we send each other everyday.

One of the worst things about the way Institute is designed (which is unfortunately unavoidable) is that CMA groups are made up of people from every region, not the same placement regions.  That means most of my group is NOT part of the DC corps.  Which means I will see very little of these people after the next week.  This is an incredibly depressing thought.  After all, these are the people we experienced our “firsts” of teaching with.  We’ve seen each other at our absolute highs and our absolute lows.  There is a lot of trust built up among us now, but we may never see each other again.  Boo.

We have one more week of Institute.  That’s three more days with our kids and five more days at our school and with our CMA group.  Next Friday is going to be a sad day when we all say our goodbyes to everyone at FelsNATION, but I also can’t wait to see my fellow CMs close the gap in their own schools and have a serious impact on students all over the east coast.  CMA group, you rock.


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