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Jul 31 2010

End of Institute

Institute is officially over.  I survived.  And I had a great experience.

What?!  I had a great experience?  But isn’t Institute supposed to be the most horrible thing ever?!?

Nope.  Don’t get me wrong; it was challenging.  Very challenging.  The whole time.  I was stressed, confused, sometimes frustrated, occasionally bitter, usually tired, often overwhelmed, and I still have so so so much to learn.  But I learned more in 5 weeks than I thought I was capable of learning.  I got to work with an amazing group of people and an amazing staff.  And I got to meet and teach the most awesome group of 9th graders imaginable.  And we had fun.  I honest to goodness had a lot of fun in the past five weeks.  I will always contribute a lot of this to my collaborative, who daily cheered me on and inspired me to be better for our kids.  We’ve decided we need big cut outs of each other for the back of our rooms in the fall, so that we can just look up and see that friendly face cheering us on.  She’s the best.

Wednesday was the last time I’ll ever see those kids.  We gave them their report cards and then they gave us hugs and left.  I’ll miss them.  But I’m also so excited to meet my kids in the fall.  I start principal interviews this week in Prince George’s, so hopefully I’ll have a school soon.  Fingers crossed!

Round Zero kickoff is next Thursday and Friday.  During Round Zero, we’ll be creating our long term plans, assessments, unit plans, management and investment plans, setting procedures, etc, with the help of our awesome Regional staff.  I’m actually pretty excited for this, even though the next few weeks are going to be stressful with all the different places we need to be and things we need to accomplish to prepare for school.  I’m excited to work with staff and the 2nd year CMs and soak up their knowledge and steal their lessons.  My schedule isn’t set yet, since I haven’t been placed, but as soon as I have a school I will let you know where I’ll be teaching and what the rest of August will look like for me.

I get to move back to DC tomorrow!!!  No offense Philly, but I’m not really a fan.  I’m glad I’m in DC.  We don’t have a house yet so I’m subletting for August, but we’ll find something and everything will be grand.  Hopefully.

I’ll end with a quote from my kids.  Context: on the last day of school, my coteacher and I showed our kids some pictures of us from our college days, so they can see how awesome college is and invest them in going.  In one picture, I was wearing a pair of black Vans.  The following exchange took place:

V: Ms. K, are you wearing Vans?!

Me: What?

V: VANS! Are you wearing Vans?!?

Me: Yes, I wear Vans.  Why?  Is that weird?

V: WOAH! YES it’s weird!

Me: (laughing) Why?

V: Because you never dress like that when you come here!

R: Well of course she doesn’t!  She has to look presentable and stuff!  She can’t wear Vans!

I love my kids.  I’ll never forget my first students.  They rock.

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