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Aug 04 2010


I officially have a job!

Yesterday, I interviewed with the principal of Nicholas Orem Middle School in a town in Maryland, right outside of DC and apparently he liked me because he offered me the job later that day! I will be teaching 7th grade English Language Arts and I am EXCITED about it! The school sounds AWESOME and I loved talking with the principal.  He is super focused on students and on making sure we’re doing everything in our power to ensure that our students are getting the best education possible.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to be working at his school.  There are also a lot of great support systems in place around my placement, which will be really helpful as I get started. I can’t wait to meet all my new kids and to start teaching and working with the other faculty and staff at Orem.

Oh, and just a little FYI, the first day of school is August 23rd. The next step for me is called Round Zero, which kicks off on Thursday, and consists of long term planning and working with my new mentor. Awesome!

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  1. Lenna Stites!

    i love you ms. k! you are going to kick butt :) congrats!

  2. Megan O

    YAY!!! Go Jess go!! I’m so proud of you!

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