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Aug 09 2010

Round Zero!

Round Zero kicked off last week, and planning officially starts tomorrow evening. This is just a brief update on what the next couple weeks look like for me…

Monday through Thursday morning/afternoon of this week: Prince George’s County new teacher training and orientation stuff. Lots of sessions about teaching in Prince George’s. Also, lots of free pens and water bottles and stuff. SWEET!

Tuesday through Friday nights of this week: Round Zero planning. We’ll be setting visions, doing our year-long plan, unit assessments, unit plans, and lesson plans for the first two weeks of school.

Friday morning/afternoon: Start my classroom set-up!

Saturday and Sunday: Move into new house. Buy lots of stuff with the money we don’t have yet. Feel poor and sad. Feel happy and grateful we have an awesome house.

Monday of next week, ALL DAY: Keep setting up my classroom! Get sage advice from other teachers.

Tuesday through Friday of next week: School specific orientation and training. Meet with our teams, departments, different faculty and staff, become part of the NOMS family, keep setting up classrooms, prepare for CHILDREN!

So lots of work over the next two weeks to prepare for children and student achievement. We’ll see how it goes!

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  1. Jason Valdez

    Sooo proud of you, Jess! I was wondering what were you up to after Institute. You didn’t mention it in our emails with the Captain. :)

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