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Aug 20 2010


I started work at my school this past week! Nicholas Orem MS (NOMS) is awesome! Basically we spent this week in staff meetings, meeting with our teams and departments, getting to know the faculty and staff, and working on our classrooms. It’s been a long week with some long days of classroom set-up. This week, I usually got to school around between 7:30-8am and stayed until around 6pm. This will probably be a normal day for me. But even though we’ve all been putting in a lot of hours, there still isn’t enough time to get everything done! Every time I turn around, I feel like there is something else I need to put up in my room for my children. It’s insanity!

Despite the insanity though, I am loving my room and my co-workers. The other new (1st year) teachers at the school are great and it’s nice to have other people around who are in the same boat as me to talk to. And the veteran teachers have been awesome. Especially the ones on my team, whose rooms also happen to be in my hallway. Even though I felt like a 12 year old sitting in some of the meetings, my team and department chair treats me like an adult and are as helpful and generous as humanly possible. I’m so glad to be working with them this year. They seriously rock my world. I also made friends with the music teachers at the school (who are epic), and I’m going to start helping out in the music department whenever possible. I’m really excited!

My room is coming along slowly but surely. I finally reached the point where I realized I just needed to stop and be satisfied with where it is right now. I’ll be building on it as the year goes on, and the kids will also be building on it. Hopefully it will one day look as cool as the teacher who had my room before me.

The Teach For America ELA cohort is also awesome. We’ve been planning together and sharing resources left and right. It’s fabulous to have other people to plan with and talk to about all this stuff, and the 2nd years are incredibly helpful. Basically I love all of my colleagues and all of TFA staff.

School starts for real on Monday. I’ll have 4 Mods, with around 25 kids in each class. I won’t have a roster until Sunday night though, because of all the moving around going on in the system. As long as I don’t randomly end up with 38 kids in a class, I’ll be happy. I still have planning and prep this weekend to prepare, but I’m not freaking out completely yet. Hopefully that stays.

Bring on the children!

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