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Sep 07 2010

M-5 Scholars

I’M TEACHING CHILDREN! And my kids are fabulous! My little 7th grade scholars are currently procedures-practicing machines! They are entering, exiting, partnering, passing in papers, checking noise levels, and participating all over the place. On their exit tickets lasta week, many of them referred to themselves as “scholars” (my name for them) and they wrote about their BIG GOALS in all caps, like I do.  It’s sooo cute!

I’ve had a pretty good start to the school year.  I haven’t had the behavior management issues that some of my friends are facing and my kids are quickly becoming invested in our class, which is awesome.  Every Mod has it’s own personality.  Mod 1 is fantastic in every way, but we always get cut short on time, so I’m struggling with getting them the content they need in the time that we need it.  Mod 3 is ridiculously competitive.  It’s SO FUNNY!  Everyday I time them on their entrance procedure when we get back from lunch and everyday they are trying to beat the previous day’s time.  We’re down to under a minute now.  The best thing about this is that they see it as a fun game, whereas I see it as 15 children all starting their independent reading (or, as we call it in my classroom, our 12 Minutes of AWESOME!) silently in under a minute.  Mod 4 is somewhat unmotivated.  They’re coming around, but I definitely need to get them moving.  The participation is increasing in their class, but these kids need something else and I have to figure out what it is.  And Mod 5 is excited to almost be done with the school day.  They’re a little chatty sometimes, but they love to participate, which is great.

On Friday I “hired” for class jobs.  Some of the boys already take their job SO SERIOUSLY!  It is the most adorable thing ever.  We also do “We Respect Each Other Shout-Outs” on Fridays which is amazingly cute.  Seriously, 7th graders are the best age ever.  I love my placement and my colleagues at the school and all my mentors are fabulously amazing.  Of course I’m totally exhausted when I finally get home around 7pm, but I love my children and they make the work worth it.  The only thing that really sucks is grad school.  Not even I can put an optimistic spin on grad school work.  My motivation for sticking it out is that I’ll have my MAT and my mentor did it, so I can do it too.  Oh well.

We only have a 3 day school week this week.  AWESOME!  My friends and I may even go to the DC Aquarium on Thursday to celebrate.  Days off from school are OFFICIALLY better as a teacher.

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  1. Ian McLellan


    Grad school is hard, I can attest to that, but it is entirely worth it!! It will get easier as time goes on!!

    Think of it this way: In three years you will remember the times that were hard and required you to work long hours with other people, but you will look back on them fondly. In fact, I spent Sunday afternoon with one of the people I complete grad school with reminiscing about the time we had to complete a project and write lesson plans in the same night.

    • Jessica

      Thanks Ian! It’s going to be a pain but I know I’d really regret it afterward if I didn’t just go for it. So yay for grad school!

  2. Sounds great, Jessica! I’m excited for you. I’m very glad you’re enjoying teaching so much. I know you’re probably one of the best 7th grade teachers EVER! Yes. I said ever. Good job, woman!

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