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Oct 05 2010

Things My Kids Say

I have been a horrible updater and haven’t written a proper update in ages, but I had to record the BEST Shout Out I’ve ever read.

Some context: every Friday, my kids write “We Respect Each Other” Shout Outs to their classmates. The format is “To:____, From: ______, Because: _______” and then I post them up on the Shout Out Board for them all to read.

I was posting the Shout Outs up this morning before the children arrived and I came across Christopher’s Shout Out. It went like this:

“To: Jonathan
From: Christopher
Because: Your hair feels like a cat. But I want to be your friend.”

Best thing I’ve ever read in my class. EVER. I love my children.

Better update to come later. But I’m alive, kickin’, and NOT defeated by children. My behavior is staying managed, my kids seem to learning things, and I haven’t been fired. So overall, for a first year teacher who doesn’t have a clue what she’s doing, I’d say things are going relatively well.

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