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May 21 2010

Goodbye CCC

Today, I had my final Progress Review (PR) call with my managers, marking the end of my year as the Teach For America Campus Campaign Coordinator for my university.  Not sure how I really feel about that.  It feels weird. I can say one thing for certain: being a CCC has been the best learning…

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May 17 2010

Last Push

This is my last week as a Campus Campaign Coordinator for my school.  Mixed feelings.  Obviously I’ll be glad for a bit of a break before I move and actually become a corps member, but I’ll really miss this work.  It’s been awesome.  I better make sure I end it on good note. 

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May 09 2010

CP Intros

I’ve been introduced a lot of different ways when I go to a class to give a class presentation.  Some professors remember why I’m there and say something like “Class, this is Jessica from the Teach For America program.”  Some professors only remember that I’m going to give some sort of announcement, so they say…

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Apr 30 2010

“It’s worth it, I swear!”

Recruitment work is getting progressively more painful.  We’ve been discussing this as a team and we are definitely all experiencing an equal amount of difficulty in meeting our goals.  But I think we’re taking good next steps to overcome these difficulties (TFA interview question anyone?) and we’re maintaining our sense of possibility that we can…

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Apr 23 2010


Exactly 2 months from today, I will be checking into the D.C. Region’s Induction. I am officially starting to FREAK OUT. My graduation ceremony is on June 11th at 11:00am.  10 days later, I will board a plane and fly across the country and 3 time zones to meet my new region, my new home,…

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Feb 23 2010

New Corps Member Love

The FINAL Teach For American 2010 corps deadline is officially passed!  We were working our butts off for this last deadline and I think it shows in our data reports.  So way to go national Recruitment Team! Meanwhile, we already have 8 incoming CMs are my university so last week I organized a little gathering…

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Feb 11 2010

Final Deadline!

It is the week before the FINAL Teach For America 2010 Corps Application Deadline!  The only thing on my brain is APPLY!  We have BIG GOALS to hit on this final push and we’re doing everything possible to make sure we have the most talented 2010 corps possible.  Things are a little crazy for my…

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Jan 25 2010

Excel-lent Organization

I apologize in advance for the title of this entry.  But I couldn’t help myself on this one. My topic: Microsoft Office Excel and organization. Why?  Because it’s AWESOME!!!!!!!! Up until about five months ago I was an Excel hater.  I had learned to use it at one point in high school, but over three…

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Jan 16 2010

Core Values

We spend a lot of time talking about the core values that Teach For America expects every corps member to internalize.  One of the really great things about being an intern with the recruitment team is that my RD and RA have made these core values, as well as our corps beliefs, a central part…

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Jan 10 2010

Praxising and RTing

Winter Break is over, I’ve just finished my first week back in Winter Quarter 2010, and I’ve already taken on more work than I probably realistically have time for.  How surprising. This morning, I reported to Saddleback CC at 7:30am to take my Praxis II: English Language, Literature, and Composition Content Knowledge.  Truth be told,…

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Dec 18 2009

So It Begins

Alright, I created a Teach For America blog. I decided that if I was offered a position in the corps, I would create a blog and attempt to update it regularly so that I could look back at my experience in the corps and see where it took me.  Well, I was offered a position…

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