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Jul 15 2010


Today, I played “I Want You Back” by The Jackson 5 as part of a lesson (the format of which I stole from my teaching partner [collab], just to give credit) on citing evidence in a text.  The students were supposed to listen to the song while reading the printed out lyrics, then use the…

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Jul 09 2010


(Note: I typed this first set of notes before my teaching block) I’m sitting in the back of my classroom watching my awesome, amazing co-teacher lead our students.  Some quick observations: R was only 15 minutes late today.  This is a significant improvement since our first class on Tuesday, when he missed the whole first…

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Jul 06 2010

Quick Update

I taught children today!!!!!!!!!!! And I LOVED it! My teaching partner and I had 10 kids today and they are all amazing, fabulous, hilarious human beings.  I realize that this is only the first day, but I wanted to record the fact that I really really enjoyed it.  We had almost no management problems, they…

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Jul 04 2010

Institute: Week 1 Recap

Week One of Institute has come and gone.  I should be asleep but I promised a quick update.  Basically, here’s what my schedule looked like last week: 5am: Alarm goes off.  Roommate and I get out of bed immediately, out of fear we’ll oversleep. 5:30am: Leave room and walk to the dining hall with all…

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Jun 26 2010

Recap: Induction

Tonight’s dinner at the Watermark Hotel marked the end of the DC Region Induction.  And what a week it was. I’m not going to do a day by day breakdown, but I’ll try to give a pretty good overview. Our days were spent in sessions, lots of talking, lots of meeting people, lots of trying…

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Jun 21 2010


I established this blog back in December to reflect on my work as an intern on Teach For America’s Recruitment Team, but I didn’t really share it with many people outside of this blog community.  However, my adventures as a corps member are officially beginning so I thought I’d take this post to briefly overview…

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Jun 09 2010

Small Dose of Inspiration

I have a couple more weeks left before I fly to Washington, D.C. for Regional Induction.  I’ve been a little nervous and overwhelmed recently about the move and idea of the job I’m about to start, as well as emotionally drained from all the goodbyes.  So when people were asking me, “Are you excited for…

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May 21 2010

Goodbye CCC

Today, I had my final Progress Review (PR) call with my managers, marking the end of my year as the Teach For America Campus Campaign Coordinator for my university.  Not sure how I really feel about that.  It feels weird. I can say one thing for certain: being a CCC has been the best learning…

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May 17 2010

Last Push

This is my last week as a Campus Campaign Coordinator for my school.  Mixed feelings.  Obviously I’ll be glad for a bit of a break before I move and actually become a corps member, but I’ll really miss this work.  It’s been awesome.  I better make sure I end it on good note. 

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May 09 2010

CP Intros

I’ve been introduced a lot of different ways when I go to a class to give a class presentation.  Some professors remember why I’m there and say something like “Class, this is Jessica from the Teach For America program.”  Some professors only remember that I’m going to give some sort of announcement, so they say…

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